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Comment to be added. you should get that. this journal is semi-friends only. if you ask I'll most likely add you back. but be sure to add me first.

I'm Rose. I love tattoos and piercings, they make me hot. I watch too many movies. And I actually am an island.


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Feb 17 Martha visiting
Mar 09 EODM concert in Oslo
Mar 10 travel to Bergen
May 25 travel to Russia
Jun 22 travel to Norway
Jul 30 Madonna concert in Oslo
Aug 02 turn 21

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Twit Twit! [30 Mar 2009|06:22pm]
I'm on Twitter! Are you? I give in to these things so easy, even though it hasn't really gotten big in Norway yet.

So if you want to follow me, I'm at http://twitter.com/RoseRenard
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I got another tattoo! [24 Jan 2009|02:56pm]
So I just got tattoo #2 yesterday, at Let's Buzz here in Bergen. I've had a baldspot for almost 4 years now, so it was about time I did something nice with it.



I'm so incredibly pleased, it's everything I imagined and more!
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swallow [03 Dec 2008|06:59pm]
Martha took this photo last week while I was in Moelv.

I went in and got some touch-ups today. I can't wait for the colours to shine like crazy next summer when I'm strutting on the street. Hopefully I'll have some more ink by then!
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inked! [16 Oct 2008|06:24pm]
It's finally done! and I love it!!! it wasn't as painful as I feard for the most part, but the closer it got to my boob the more it hurt. at times I only felt the vibrations from the gun actually! It went pretty fast too, just over an hour. and I just love it, after 1.5 hours of discussing the colours and stuff, she finally got some help and we worked it all out and it ended up perfect! better pictures to come when I remove the plastic tomorrow!

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I'm finally getting tattooed! [16 Sep 2008|05:11pm]
It's finally going to happend! yay! it took me 12 years to figure out what I wanted my first tattoo to be, last week it just came to me, and today I went down to Let's Buzz and got an appointment on October the 16th to get tattooed! I'm getting an old school swallow on my left ribs, YAY! I'm so nervous and excited and just everything I can't even describe it in words! so in one lousy month, I'll finally join the ranks of cool tattooed people hahaha. I can't wait to show y'all when it's finally on my body forever!
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my new home [17 Aug 2008|03:52pm]

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русско [25 Jul 2008|12:17am]
did I ever write about this? in just a few weeks, august 11th, in bergen, I'm starting out as a student at the university. in..... russian! I'm so excited! It'll be a bachelors degree, and don't know what I'll do afterwards. I can't wait to learn another language, I hope it goes really well. when I tried learning french it went kind of straight to hell. I can understand and partly read french, but I can barely speak it at all. I know it has several reasons that won't repeat themselves though. did you know LJ is the biggest online community for russians?
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lately [07 Jul 2008|02:08am]
I don't know if I ever wrote this, but on May 22nd I ordered two pairs of Burberry glasses at Brilleland with their greit store opening offers. it took over a month for me to get them, insaaaane, but last week they were finally mine!

the discreet pair

the nerdy, yet cool pair

Haugesund was crap, my grandmother is just the biggest pain in the ass anyone could ever get. I hate being around her, she always makes me feel worthless. the weather when we were there was gorgeous though, finally a few more days of summer. my mom and I took my two cousins Vilde and Cornelia swimming on Friday evening and the lake was just dreamy


I visited Bergen on Thursday, and finally met one of my new roomes, Jan Vidar. He was super nice and even showed me a bit around Bergen. the apartment is kinda small, but I still love it. I love that it was redone in 2006, so it's as good as new.

a little trip downtown Haugesund on Friday turned out to be great. I found a store that had just been there a little over 6 months, that sold some great norwegian designers. they also sold cool stuff to have around the house. aaaand I found the most fabulous umbrella of all time! it's sooooo cute I was not in doubt as of wether or not to get it for even a second. it's from danish Lisbeth Dahl

I'll be too afraid for it to break to ever use it haha

I finished my absolutely last day at the cinema in Egersund today for the summer. it feels sooo good allthough I can feel my body hasn't realised it yet hehe. my dad left for Thailand earlier today, with a huge wishlist of course, so I'm home alone with nothing to do. almost, in reality I have shitloads of things to do around the house. I actually haven't unpacked from moving home from Moelv yet haha. so the plan now is just to repack it for Bergen. today it's only 3 weeks until I move! I'm so incredibly excited!

and to end this post, I'm introducing the fabulous Lanvin ballet falts I won on eBay today!
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my fabulous iPod! [25 Jun 2008|05:06pm]
my super great mom ordered a 60GB iPod Classic and on Monday is finally came! woo hoo. and you know what, it's FABULOUS!


that's right, it's THAT fabulous!
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goodbye Egersund [18 Aug 2007|07:40am]
now we ride
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happy birthday to me [02 Aug 2007|12:12am]
awwww! pandabamboo is the best friend ever! she got me one year paid account AND 12 months of extra userpictures! th
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paiiiiid [30 Jul 2007|09:14pm]
eeek my paid account is running out on Thursday, my birthdat! anyone wanna give me a great prezzie and get me another year??? pretty please
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am I really that old? [30 Jul 2007|11:46am]
I can't believe I'm turning 19 on Thursday
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Pictures from Thailand part 2 [27 Jul 2007|04:37pm]
the 2nd batch of pictures from Thailand. all of these are from my compact camera, which was the one I took more out and about. well, enjoy

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

asian shitloadsCollapse )

videoCSI NY: 3.05 Oedipus Hex
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pictures from thailand (part 1) [26 Jul 2007|05:11pm]
I've decided since I have quite a few pictures I'll post them in two rounds, one from the dslr and one from my compact camera. I guess I'll just start with the dslr first, but both posts are in chronological order

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the beautiful view from our balcony

shitloads moreCollapse )
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tomorrow [06 Jul 2007|10:00pm]
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yep, I'll be there
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Wicked Community [05 Jul 2007|04:54pm]
yo party people, I finally made my Wicked community! so if you're over 18 and love porn and wicked especially, do join!

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less then 2 weeks left!!!! [25 Jun 2007|06:52pm]
I am so incredibly deadly unbelieveably EXCITED about Thailand!!!!111oneoneone!!! I can't wait to hang out by the pool, go shopping, get new glasses (!!!), OD on Starbucks and take a whole shitload of pictures. and in 2 weeks I'm actually there! We leave in the afternoon of July 7th so we'll be there in like 1800 zulu on Sunday. kinda sucks that I have to work from tomorrow up until the 5th, crap. I hate world premieres, and I have 2! (Die Hard 4.0 and Transformers). world premieres stress me out, so much pressure! but that means I will get the biggest paycheck of all time before I move in august. anyways, I'm totally ranting, all I really wanted to do was gloat about thailand mihiihih, adding lots of pictures from Pattaya and the resort for you to drool over

death to photobucket

death to photobucket

death to photobucket

death to photobucket

death to photobucket

(and yeahhhhh, I've found THIS and I want it soooooo bad!!!! *wet dreams about*
death to photobucket
it will be mine)
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so wrong in every way [25 Jun 2007|04:45pm]
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more piercings! [21 Jun 2007|02:03pm]
soooooo I got yet another piercing yesterday! yaaay! this time my tongue was up for grabs, and I love it! my plan was to get snakebites again, but the piercer said I should wait until I came back from Thailand atleast, and he's probably right. so I decided to just get my tongue instead! pandabamboo came with and took some photos when she wasn't stressing me out with her presence haha. it's really really swollen right now, kinda annoying, so I'll keep drinking cold stuff. I went to Leading Light in Sandnes (the same place that Ingrid got her tattoo) and I'm super satisfied! the piercer there Gregor is good and they're all extremly nice there

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waiting for the shit to go down

like I could ever stop?Collapse )

and ooooooh I found CSI season 2 real cheap yesterday SO I GOT IT! weee, watching right now!
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